25. July 2014 | 3 minutes, 7 seconds

JustCloud - Worst online storage company ever

I should have known better. I was looking for a fast and reliable online backup service. After some research I decided to go for JustCloud. That was one bad decision.

I was a big fan of CrashPlan but I had a lot of performance problems with their solution. After some research for a new provider to store all my backups I narrowed it down to Backblaze and JustCloud. Based on reviews it seemed that JustCloud had a bit of a faster service. After my trial I signed up. There is a lot of things to choose from and JustCloud promises you a money back guarantee. So what could go wrong? After signing up and starting my backup I figured out quickly where the limitation of their service was and why they are so cheap.

First of all I can’t backup external drives. Well - Actually I can but it gets expensive. Furthermore I have to pay separately for files larger than 5 GB. So what is the point of that? JustCloud gives you zero information about the missing features while signing up for their service. Of corse they kindly ask you afterwards to pay for those services separately. Within 20 minutes I realized that I made the wrong choice. Just then I’ve got an information that my credit card could not be processed and that they have to contact me. For me this seemed like great news and I let them know, that they just should cancel my subscription.

10 Minutes later I received an E-Mail telling me, that my credit card was now charged and the service is active. So now comes the big question. How can you cancel their service and get your money back? I am not sure if you even can. Reading their terms and conditions I found, that they will charge you 15$ if you do not end your service within 3 days. There is no option in their admin panel to close or cancel your account. After some extensive reading I found that they recommend you following steps.

If you are a paid user and wish to cancel and receive a pro-rate refund please email [email protected]

This information is not true. They also state the following:

To cancel your account please email our cancellation team at [email protected] outlining the reasons for your cancellation and they will do their best to help you quickly and efficiently.

In the end I decided to send multiple E-Mails to: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

One would think that you hear back from them. I received multiple welcome E-Mails and offers to purchase additional service packages but no one got back to my E-Mails. That was also the point it dawned on me that they are not a decent company.

Now I switched over to Backblaze which works like a charm, has high upload speed and is covering all my needs.

If I will ever get my money back and will be able to cancel my subscription is unclear. But I will keep you posted. For now I just point out these links:

Cloudwars: Don’t believe them a word. JustCloud did not deserve to be number one. Here is the proof.

Just Cloud Sucks: It pretty much sums it up.

Just Cloud is a terrible backup service: Somehow I am glad I am not the only one.

Please feel free to share this article or use the comment section and tell me about your experience with JustCloud. Also if you have any idea how to cancel a subscription and to get the money back, please let me know.

Update | 25. July 2014 | 12:07

Brilliant: They now actually added the option for uploading large files but never got back to me. I never ordered that upgrade. I now sent them another request to terminate my account. Also it seems to be impossible to remove my credit card.

Update | 28. July 2014 | 16:19

I still have not heard anything from their customer service. But as it seems they locked down my account.

Curious what will happen next.

Update | 29. July 2014 | 17:00

Well done JustCloud! On the 22.07.2014, CHF 155.45 were charged on my credit card by JustCloud. On the 26.07.2014, CHF 155.70 have been reimbursed by the very same company. They never got back to me and my emails remain unanswered but I have to give them credit to reimburse me in less than 5 working days. I won’t go back there and stay with Backblaze but I also wont hold a grudge.

Thank you JustCloud for keeping your promises.


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